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      Musician and Dreamer




 (The first 2 quotes are taken from the cover of the DVD)

"I have studied and meditated on David Blum's extraordinary documentation of his dreams and inner work - the immense gifts that were given to him from his unconscious and poured into images and music. We are intrigued on all levels - emotional, imaginal, intellectual. Our hearts are split open as we watch the process of the inner marriage."

-Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst, author and visionary

"If it were ever discovered that we all have an ancient source within, a wise fount, invested in our well being, and speaking directly to us through the language of symbol, we would experience our centers relocate, our priorities shift, and our sense of place and purpose in this great mystery deepen. By risking such dialogue with this unknown center, David Blum found it spoke to him, and gave him, and us, renewed guidance in a time of fragmentation, distraction, and dis-ease. His example is a summons, a model, and an invitation for the rest of us to risk such a dialogue in depth."

-James Hollis, Jungian Analyst, Houston, Texas

"The ultimate encounter with death can either reinforce habitual and outdated life patterns, or open one up to new and grander vistas. In this unforgettable story of a remarkable man, we see how the need to face one’s own death can reawaken an individual to the reality of the psyche and an encounter with the Self.

David Blum's life was influenced by many factors, especially music, his creative daimon. In this film, we witness both the inner and outer preparation for his personal requiem. In watching this film, I was deeply touched by the integrity with which Blum faced this ultimate challenge, and by his deep receptivity to the callings of the Self. I can only imagine his internal struggle to remain conscious of his impending death, while also needing to connect with the inner figure of the Wise Old Dog. This vital engagement allowed for a meaningful and life altering transformation to occur.

While our ego selves generally tend to lead the dog, Blum in this final chapter of his life knew that he instead was to follow the dog’s guidance. C.G. Jung received a similar message as his dreams led him to once again play in a sandbox, as he had as a child. In many respects, this return was pivotal in the development of Jung’s approach to the psyche. Both Jung and Blum understood the need to sacrifice the ego and egoic intentions to the urgings of the Self.

This poignant story portrays the unfolding of a man's relationship to his interiority and the creative Self. By submitting to this process, I truly believe that he was allowed not only to die in peace, but also to have realized the ultimate authority of the Objective Psyche. This film is a 'must see' as it displays with grace, artistry and brilliance the needed surrender of the ego to the Self."

- Michael Conforti, PhD, Jungian Analyst, founder and director of the Assisi Institute

"David Blum's creative engagement with recurring cancer activated not a physical cure but a healing, opening into an inner world of beauty, depth and meaning brought to conscious life. This journey to wholeness, the 'miracle' he speaks of, is passed on to us as psycho-spiritual legacy. David's inner marriage with his feminine anima and outer with his wife, Sarah, earth and spirit together, each true to its own sphere, is a rich example of living between two worlds that is open to and incumbent on us all."

-Claire Dunne, OAM, author of Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul

"David Blum has given a wondrous gift to the world with this documentary film. The autonomous beauty of the soul’s images during illness surprise us with their beauty, as if soul prepares more for what is coming than with what the body may be suffering. Here is astounding evidence that as the body recedes, soul carries on, sustained entirely by images."

-Robert Sardello, PhD, author and co-founder of The School of Spiritual Psychology

"I have used patients' dreams and drawings for decades to help them get in touch with their inner wisdom. David Blum, during his struggle with cancer, captured his dreams in an illuminating series of drawings taking him through a journey of self-exploration and transformation. David's inspiring story is a powerful invitation, for each of us, to go within and realize our creative potential so that we may find our way through the difficulties of life and discover the unique rewards in taking the journey."

-Bernie Siegel, MD, author and founder of Exceptional Cancer Patients