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      Musician and Dreamer



The Esterhazy Orchestra, David Blum, Music Director

                                                  "The devotion, idealism, and musical taste

with which David Blum prepares and performs

these masterpieces communicates itself

to audiences everywhere."

                                                                                                          - Pablo Casals

Haydn Symphonies on Vanguard Records

Symphony No. 39 in G minor

Symphony No. 73 in D major

"A lovely record, one that Haydn's own Esterhazy orchestra could easily have listened to with joy."

-New York Herald Tribune

Symphony No. 75 in D major

Symphony No. 81 in G major

"These are works of the full artistic maturity of the composer, and it is sheer negligence on the part of conductors and record makers that we had to wait until now to make their acquaintance. Blum performances make the joy of discovery all the more intense."

-High Fidelity

Symphony No. 70 in D major

Symphony No. 59 in A major

"There is no doubt that the 28 year-old Blum and his 25-man orchestra are splendid musicians. Bravo Blum!"

-American Record Guide

Symphony No. 52 in C minor

Symphony No. 60 in C major

"The Esterhazy is a splendid little orchestra of 25 musicians who must love every note Haydn wrote."

-Washington Star

Symphony No. 90 in C major

Symphony No. 91 in E-flat major

"The orchestra plays with the utmost clarity and polish and seems to share with the conductor an elation and joy in making music."

-Musical America

Re-released Haydn Symphonies

Symphony No. 60 in C major

Symphony No. 75 in D major

Symphony No. 81 in G major

"A remarkably high level of accomplishment that compound of intellectual toughness, elegance and wit which is the hallmark of a really understanding Haydn performance."

-The Observer

The English Chamber Orchestra, David Blum Conductor

Mozart Divertimenti

 Divertimento in B-flat, K. 287

Divertimento in F, K.138

Recordings also released through:

Europe: Amadeo, Inelco, Phonag, Philips, RCA

Australia: Astor

New Zealand: Allied

South America: Sicamericana, Som.

Mexico: Gamma

Japan: King

You are listening to the 3rd Movement ( Minuet, Allegretto),

from Haydn's Symphony No. 70 in D major

conducted by David Blum with the Esterhazy Orchestra.